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Colin Watling

I joined CrossFit RS3 nearly 3 years ago with my wife, our lives have been changed forever.

This is more than a gym or a workout fad, it’s a real community. I can proudly say that I’ve made new relationships that have changed my life for the better. RS3 have an ethos of hard work, community and wellness which is delivered through a warm and welcome atmosphere that includes everyone, regardless of your goals and fitness level. If you want to better yourself, in anyway, RS3 will give you all the tools you need to do this. My wife and I have spent many hours post a workout just laughing and hanging out, we even just drop in for a coffee on a rest day to catch up with friends, its home from home!

Paige Thompson

Age: 26

I realised I was bored at the gym training by myself and so tried a Saturday morning partner WOD at CrossFit and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

I joined CrossFit RS3 because I realised how much I enjoyed working out with likeminded people in a class that’s full of energy.

The coaching has been brilliant and I’ve finally learnt how to squat past 90 degrees - Albeit ‘arse isn’t to grass’ but I’m getting there! I love that CrossFit is so functional and really enjoy the style of the workouts, combining cardio, weights and gymnastics. They excite me every day and the more difficult the challenge the more I get a buzz.

My goals are to continue improving in my lifts, my flexibility (I must stretch!) and to maybe, one day try a CrossFit comp... they look right up my street!

Shane Frank

Excellent coaches, well planned programming and a top of the range box; what more can you say?

A few things actually: not only will you get in shape and be the fittest you’ve ever been, but you’ll do so in a warm, friendly, supportive atmosphere. CrossFit RS3 is as much a great place to work out as it is a fun place to hang out with the best of friends. 


From the banging tunes to the professionalism and friendliness of the coaches, I knew this time I wasn’t going to have a bag full of knee sleeves and hand grips getting dusty in the cupboard. 

I’ve never been a competitive person but RS3 has taught me to compete with myself. I am so proud to be part of a community that celebrates how strong and resilient the body and mind can be.  

I have just had my second child and can not wait to return to RS3. I miss lying on the floor knowing that although the workout killed me, I’ll be back to do another tomorrow. I miss laughing so much at something I’ve completely missed what we are meant to be doing and mostly, I have missed the people. Someone once told me that I’d make life-long friends at uni but they were wrong, RS3 is where I have made my closest and most trusted friends. People from all different cultures, backgrounds, experiences all thrown together in one big sweaty industrial unit.  



When I started CrossFit I was in owe of seeing what other girls were doing and remember thinking ‘WOW I want to be able to do that.’

I have been with RS3 since 2016, its absolutely one of the best decisions I have made to join. The programming and coaching mean I am still learning every day. It's not only what we do in the class that keeps me coming back every day, it’s the support and encouragement everyone gives each other, the laughs, the tears, sharing highs and lows that make you feel like the RS3 family. I want to inspire others no matter what age or ability, that the body is capable of great things!


To anyone unsure about giving CrossFit a go, I understand! It sounds scary and only for the elite...but it is truly for EVERYONE. I’m yet to meet anyone who has tried it and regretted it, or who has not achieved more than they ever thought possible. 

I joined Crossfit RS3 3 years ago, having previously only been a member of ‘normal’ gyms. I had heard from a friend about Crossfit and when I saw this new gym was opening I decided to check it out.  

I felt ‘stuck’ and only motivated by weight loss, which was stagnated. Within a month of starting CrossFit, I felt totally different. I no longer cared about the weight on the scales, only the weight on the bar! I was gaining confidence in strength and gymnastic training and never felt bored or flat as I often did before. And more confident than ever in how I looked and felt.  

I was totally hooked.  

April Faint

I started with CrossFit RS3 back when it opened, from the moment I walked in the door, I was welcomed by the friendly and dedicated coaches. Fast forward 2.5 years, I've lost weight, gained a whole lot of confidence and made some good friends. 


I have been a member of CrossFit since being introduced nearly 3 years ago whilst starting my own weight loss and healthy change of training. Initially, I was overwhelmed and never believed this place would work for me because up till then I was only used to gyms. 

My statement is this and Never could I have been so wrong.  

Through joining this amazing place and over time I lost significant amounts of weight, became healthier and stronger now than I ever was when I was younger. 

Members are not competitive. This is a social family that support, socialise, commit and all enthusiastic about what CrossFit stands for.  

Your only competition here is with yourself, and as long as you improve on your personal goals, you will always achieve.