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About Iain

Iain Mills

Sports Nutritionist

CrossFit is an intense exercise system that burns a hell of a lot of calories and pushes your body to its limits.

Recovery is just as important as your work in the Box to make sure that the gains you make are built on every week.

I am a CrossFit RS3 Nutritionist (trained by Precision Nutrition) and have been competing in CrossFit for over a year now but competed in football and some running in the past. I have previously been a fitness instructor at a regular gym and am currently a PE Teacher as well.

My approach to nutrition is to entwine healthy eating into your lifestyle. Too many diets fail because people try to change for the plan. Let’s make the plan fit you and your lifestyle so you can keep progressing and maintain your results long term. I put health at the forefront of the nutrition plans because if you get this right then body composition will change which will directly result in improved performance.

Fay Wiltshire
“ I would recommend Iain to anyone who wants to change how they feel, look and view food and exercise. He is incredibly dedicated and took time and effort to tailor my plan around me and my lifestyle and I feel so much better, healthier and happy as a result ”

Whatever your reason for getting into CrossFit, you will want to make the most progress that you can. I am here to support you and the coaches to reach your goals; I have different plans to support you in this.

Your Goals Plan: (Free)
15min consultation to every member when they join to give you advice on making the best start to your CrossFit journey

The Training Plan: (£225)
22 week plan based on Habit Coaching for those who want to learn about nutrition whilst gradually building healthy habits into their lifestyle. By the end of this you will have maintainable healthy habits that last rather than starting and stopping new diets throughout the year.

The Upgrade Plan: (£50 one-off fee)
This is for those of you who are stuck in a plateau or just want to fine tune your nutrition. We work on improving your macronutrient split as well as nutrient timing.

The Athlete Plan: (3 months: £240 / 6 months: £450)
This is for those of you who are dedicated to reach your full potential and who have specific  goals to reach. This will include bi-weekly check-ins, constant email, text contact, calorie monitoring and nutrition bespoke to your lifestyle and goals.

The Compete Plan: (£100)
This is for those of you who want to peak for competitions. It includes macronutrient breakdown, calorie cycling, nutrient timing, pre / peri and post workout nutrition and supplement guide

Support is given throughout these plans.

If you’re interested in optimising your health, body composition and performance then come and have a chat with me or contact me through email, Facebook, Instagram or phone.

Email: lifesnutrition@hotmail.com
Twitter: @_lifesnutrition
Instagram: Iainmills@lifesnutrition
Facebook: facebook.com/IainMillsLifesNutrition
Phone: 07469700727