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How often should you be active

This might sound a little overwhelming but the answer is every day.

What do I mean by being ‘active’?

When it comes to training days, we would advise 3-5 session per week with a specific stimulus for each session. This doesn’t mean go ‘full send’ every session. An example of this would be Monday 7/10 effort (work rate), Thursday low skill-high intensity, Saturday Full sendies.

This gives your body time to respond and adapt from the stimulus of each session and seeing results. Overtraining can be as bad as no training!

With our current circumstances, most people are working from home or spending more time at a desk/ in the seated position. We can be more ‘Active’ by adding in simple habits to our day. A few examples of this would be…

*Getting up 30 minutes earlier and go for a walk round your neighborhood for 15 minutes or spend this time stretching.

*Set an alarm on your phone every few hours to remind you to get up and move, walk round your house or the office, take the dog for a walk, get a drink of water, mobilize, sit in the bottom of the squat.

*Allocate yourself some times to unwind and relax from your day. Such things like Yoga, stretching or Ligh movement exercise. You can do this while watching you favorite TV program or including your children into this routine.

Choose at least one of these per day and it will help you become more ‘Active’. Make being Active your new Habit!


What have I taken away from this?

*Being smart with your training. Planning your training for the week and be consistent.

*Chose one new Active Habit every day.

*Educate yourself on YOUR Active Habit. Find what works for you – trial and error.

*Give yourself time to wind down and switch off.